The History Of California Women’s Leadership Association

California Women’s Leadership Association (CWLA) is a 501(c)(4) statewide organization committed to bringing together influential women to effect meaningful change in our communities and government through education and advocacy.

We are dedicated to launching new women leaders into elected office and other key positions of leadership. CWLA develops strategies for those who seek to become part of the political process, whether to run for office, work behind the scenes, attain appointed position or become community leaders on subjects of personal importance.

CWLA was founded in 1994 by a group of six women from Orange County who knew that fiscally conservative, politically concerned women should have more influence and impact in the arena of California public policy. Two of these founding members, Pat Bates and Mimi Walters, have since been elected to public office. Pat Bates is currently the 5th District Supervisor in Orange County and Mimi Walters is currently a California State Senator serving the 33rd Senate District.

CWLA believes in free market principles that emphasize:

Smaller government and the role of government as a facilitator, not a regulator
Individual freedom
Responsibility and accountability
Economic growth through lower taxes and entrepreneurship

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