Why are women less convinced then men that voting matters?

According to an article by Politico.com, "women predominate among the most disengaged voters".


There are a number of factors noted in the politico article that are driving the truth of this statement, but with CWLA's goal of engaging and educating women we see an opportunity for this to change.


One of our favorite statements from this article is "Part of the strategy has been starting local, getting more voting-eligible female adults to think about how choosing school board officials, mayors or judges can directly impact their families."


CWLA will continue to break down complex legislation into simpler talking points so that all of our members feel empowered to jump into more conversations.


If you have a friend who is not a CWLA member, we encourage you to have them join so that we can reverse the headline!

"Do not let politics as usual, events in Washington, or media spin sour you on the political process. Instead, let it inspire you to step up your involvement. It is up to individuals like us who care about the issues, ethics, and the future to change the face of politics."

-Carolyn Ben, CWLA President in Fall 1998

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