CWLA Political Action Committee

CWLA Political Action Committee is a separate 527 entity that endorses and supports candidates for state and local office, with a special focus on developing and promoting viable women candidates who share CWLA’s principles. CWLA PAC believes in smaller government, individual freedom and economic opportunity through free market principles.

A CWLA PAC endorsement is highly prized by candidates and appointed leaders as a way to demonstrate support from a statewide organization of politically active women and men. Each endorsement is carefully reviewed and decided upon by the CWLA PAC Board of Directors (Executive Committee).

Contributions to the CWLA-PAC  are separate from CWLA sponsorships.

The CWLA PAC Board of Directors is currently accepting endorsement requests for those running in the 2020 cycle.

Looking for an endorsement from CWLA PAC? Send us a note below and a member of the team will reach out to you. 
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