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Influencing Change in California

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We believe school choice is a means to improve the quality of education and empower parents. We support voucher programs, charter schools, and homeschooling options. Competition as well as parental involvement leads to better outcomes for students. We also believe in a Parent’s Bill of Rights to empower parents to have a voice and follow what their children are being taught in school.

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Government Regulation

We believe in fostering an environment that encourages job creation and economic growth. We support reducing government regulations, lowering taxes, and promoting free-market principles to stimulate business growth and job opportunities. A pro-business environment leads to more entrepreneurship, innovation, and job growth.

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Individual Freedom

Individual freedom is the foundation of our democratic system. It enables individuals to make choices and decisions about their lives without undue interference from external forces, such as the government putting their thumb on the scale of our societal norms for someone else’s agendas. Personal freedom fosters creativity, innovation, and social and economic progress. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are fundamental aspects in fostering a diverse, vibrant society.